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Vacuum Excavation and Potholing

Vacuum Excavation Services

Non-Mechanical & Non-Destructive

Vacuum Excavation is the preferred method of digging when excavating close to underground utilities, next to pre-existing underground structures, up against walls, or digging inside of a pre-existing building where large machinery cannot fit. This method is safer, more efficient than manual digging, and more accurate.

Vacuum Excavation is the gold standard when digging around utilities according to the Texas Board of Engineers and Common Ground Alliance.  This technique is also significantly safer and saves money in the form of repairs/relocation, personnel injury, damage to equipment, and project/construction delays. We will potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, fines, medical bills, and from the angry customers who need their internet access.

The only 100% sure way to find the exact location of where a utility line is located is to physically locate the line. There will be no question on location and depth which relieves you from stress and worry.

We offer two methods of vacuum excavation: hydrovac and air vacuum. Both methods break up the soil in a safe, precise way.