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Private Utility Locating

Texas Utility Locating (TxLo) is a professional utility locating service and one of the most dependable utilities locating companies in Texas.

Our services ensure that critical electrical, communication, cable, pipe, and water lines are safe and uninterrupted during construction. We provided homeowners, contractors, and engineers with a dependable utility locating service. To keep projects safe, call us before you dig.

UNDERGROUND UTILITY DETECTION SERVICES – Underground Damage Prevention Services
TxLo provides private utility locating services for contractors, excavators, site planners, engineers, and landscapers. Our underground damage prevention consultants provide you with the necessary technical knowledge and experience to help ensure industry best practices and safe standards to that avoid utility strikes and delays during construction.

Common Utilities That We Locate:

  • Natural Gas
  • Telecom
  • Electric
  • Fiber Optics
  • Cable Television
  • Traffic Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Storm Drains
  • Underground Water Lines

We locate all utilities, including privately owned utility lines past the easement and (upon request) double check the “one call contractors” marks. The One Call Center contractors are qualified technicians and perform good work, in spite of that, errors occur and accuracy may need to be verified.

Private Utility Locating Who to Call for Locating Private Utilities – Texas Utility Locating

Today’s underground service networks are full of unexpected and unmapped utilities. Texas Utility Locating uses standard practices and specializes in underground utility locating.  We will find and map all underground utilities, including those that the one call system does not find (all service/drop lines beyond easement, lines outside the public right of way, underground water, sewer, storm drains).

Our private utility locating services provide contractors and property owners the necessary identification and utility marking to complete projects with confidence, avoiding utility strikes and delays. Designers and engineers rely on our deliverables to confirm all underground utilities prior to excavation or construction. Our goal is to provide accurate deliverables to prevent costly construction delays and fines.

The Need for Private Utility Locating 

Why is there a need for Private Utility Locating when the state has a mandatory 811 call system that will come and mark underground utilities for free?  The answer is simple; the 811 call system doesn’t mark all underground utilities, they are not readily available for same day or even next day work, they will not be available throughout your project, they do not provide maps or deliverables, and it can take significant time and effort to get some companies to come and mark their lines, even after utilizing the 811 system correctly.  The system is set up to mark public utilities along right of ways and on some easements.  They often stop at the private property lines, and do not mark or locate any underground water pipes, storm draines, sewage, etc.  In addition, the process of utilizing the 811 system is timely.  A ticket placed for a locate has 48 hours to be processed, a locator will show up and mark only specific lines in very specific locations, and will be gone, as their work is done.  If you have questions on the markings or need further locating along the same line, you will be referred back to the 811 call system and will have to wait another 48 hours for another response.  811 locators do not share their maps, and they do not look for unknown private utilities in close proximity to their lines.  The 811 call system is sufficient in some cases, but not if you need a comprehensive utility map and a timely response and partner for the duration of a project.

Private utilities can be found on college campuses, military bases, industrial properties, schools, shopping centers, parks, single/multi-family homes, and right-of-ways. Texas Utility Locating utilizes proven utility locating services tools and underground utility locating tools that provide our clients damage prevention, safety, and identification of project design conflicts for engineering firms, independent contractor, government agencies, plumbers, manufacturing facilities, and all residential and commercial projects.

LOCATING STANDARDS Premium On Safety and Risk Management

Texas Utility Locating performs services according to the industry standard of the National Utility Locating Contractor Association, and we are members of Common Ground Alliance. We ensure everyone involved with the project is informed of the results.

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